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Demunix Database Services (Oracle)


Managing Database is never an easy Task. It's different from Application Management where Security,
Availability & Performance are the major aspects to run a successful Database.
At Demunix, we have a team of smartest DBAs of the industry and they are expert in different domains who can
drive your database better than any single DBA.

Database managed Services

Your data with Demunix is Secure, Maintained, Monitored and Backed Up. We at Demunix follows some of the best industrial practices to drive your database and make it always available as a 'Backbone' of your mission critical application. If you're struggling with database monitoring and maintenance, it's time to move to Demunix solution. At Demunix team of smartest DBAs from different industries, dfferent domains with collection of extensive experience can drive your database smoother and faster.

Database Designing & Deployment

Planning to develop new application? , Fedup of poor design of existing database? , Changing application modules ? or Looking for faster database response to application? We, Team Demunix studies and understand architecture of your application and your business needs and then translate it to design the most stable, responsive and flexible database which can be scaled in future as per the changes in application design or business needs.

Database Installation

Installing database is really the simplest task. However, when it comes to production prerequisites plays major role. Planning, Understanding, Designing and then Deploying a database software is a task of database professional. From selection of hardware, operating system to storage mechanism where your database will reside, Team Demunix will support you for a successful Database Installation.

Database Upgrade

New Features, New Architecture, New Functionalities and Enhancement in Security. Oracle comes up with new technologies in their every releases of the database which can support application with new technology. From 8i,9i (Internet Computing) , 10g, 11g (Grid Computing) , 12c (Cloud Computing) to 18c (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) Oracle keeps on introducing new technology with every database releases. Demunix will support you for end-to-end up-gradation of your database.

Database Migration

Due to business needs or contract, costing or compatibility or any other reason. When you plan to migrate your database from one platform, vendor or infrastucture to another. Demunix can assist you right from deciding migrating method, duration, period, a complete roadmap to avaoid unwanted outage, to the complete deployment of migrated database on new data center, new platform or different storage technology. We the DBAs of Demunix can drive the migration procedure faster, smoother and better.

Backup & Recovery

One of the critical tasks of a DBA is backing up the database and restoring it in an appropriate way to avoid data loss. Taking database backup is not a rocket science however, restoring the backup at the time of failure is much more imporatant. Demunix helps you to design most suitable backup and recovery strategy, taking care of daily backups. To lessen storage usage storing backup and burden on database server while backing up the database Demunix will help you to maintain zero data loss strategy for your database.

Planned Maintenance

To keep your database a performer, you'll need to apply regular bundle, SPU and PSU patches on timely manner. If your business or application does not need a lot of maintenance task on daily basis, why to hire a DBA only for a weekly or a monthly activity? Demunix will take care of your database to prevent it from security vulnerability, bugs and low performance by applying required patches on weekly and monthly basis and you will pay for those many hours of maintenance only and not a salary of month.

Maximum Availability Architecture

Oracle's MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture) is designed for mission critical databases to achieve zero downtime and data loss in case of server or hardware failure. Oracle's DR (Disaster Recovery) Solution can keep exact replica of your production database on a different physical server or at completely different geographic region. Which means your database will be synchronously replicated on standby server which can serve your business in case of disaster. Demunix can drive your database to Zero Downtime, Zero Data Loss and Disaster Recovery Solution.

GoldenGate Replication

Oracle GoldenGate enables transaction level replication among heterogeneous platforms. It supports Oracle Database, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, and many other platforms. Oracle GoldenGate solution can be used when you need to replicate some schemas or maybe some tables or maybe only records having some conditions. Demunix can take care of your already configured replication by making it even smoother and make it work like oiled machine or can help you configuring a new stable replication solution to Oracle or any supported heterogeneous platforms.

Database Cloning

You might need a clone copy of your production database for any business needs. Be it for developing or testing, or to run analytical jobs on periodic data. Clone can also be a solution to offload weekly or monthly reporting jobs from production database. Demunix can clone your database to same or different plaform at same or other data center in minimum possible time and you can go for activity based subscription which can reduce your database maintenance cost.

24 / 7 Database Monitoring

As we know 'Precaution is better than cure' same rule applies on database. Why to take chance when you can avoid the issue which is yet to come. By monitoring the realtime performance and load on your database server 24/7, unwanted outages can be avoided even before that can impact your production database. Monitoring production database also helps to understand performance bottlenecks in realtime and boost it. At Demunix, team of alert DBAs will always and 24/7 monitors the transactions and activities on your database to deliver quality database solution.

Lift & Shift to the Cloud

A survey says, 65% of the cloud migration is yet to be done. Organizations are migrating their applications and databases to cloud for high availablity, scalability, better performance and cost benefits. And get a rid of infrastrcuture management. Enterprise cloud solution providers like Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud are providing Database as a Service (DBaaS - which is one of the cloud services). Where you can scale your infrastrcuture as your business or application grows. Demunix provides you end-to-end cloud migration of your Oracle Database from On-Premise to Cloud DBaaS.


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