About Us

Why Demunix?


  • Demunix is known for providing services at a very competitive price. We do not compromise with quality while serving at the lowest cost in the market.
  • We help small organizations to come online and expand their business. Our mission is to serve more clients at less price (LPMC).
  • Being new to complicated technologies, sometimes our clients do not get the whole picture of their needs. In such a situation, we go above and beyond and makes sure that they're provided with exactly what they were expecting.
  • As soon as we start working with you, we try to understand your business as much as we can and make a best out of it.
  • At Demunix, our team is so flexible that we do not let our clients face technical or procedural difficulties at any point of time throughout the project.

Our Vision

Technology is changing tremendously & It’s also changing the way we're living. It’s no longer worth living with an old/slow/traditional system. Be it selecting a restaurant while going for lunch, buying your home groceries, paying your bills or maybe learning from online universities. Things are changing so dynamically because of the adoption of technologies and the volatility of new technology. It’s now bringing more values in our lifestyle, for example, the Alarm whose task was to only wake you up can now also track your sleeping pattern and make your day more healthy by recognizing if you're in a light sleep or deep sleep and wake you up when you're out of your deep sleep. Or for example, with a single tap, you can now pay at the medical store or maybe to your friends which will actually transfer money from your bank account to their bank account within a few seconds. Times are changing and it’s changing fast.

Our Story

Late in 2015, the company named Baaga Blue Soft Solution (predecessor of Demunix) was founded by Huzefa Patel while pursuing the final year of his college. He considered forming a team of his college friends. His vision was to bring every small & traditional business online by helping them to have their online existence and providing a solution within their budget. He continuously strived for what he had envisioned and started a new company in June 2018 named Demunix with Mayur Darji (Co-Founder).

Who We Are Today

Demunix is now a team of technology enthusiasts and professionals who have expertise in Web Solutions and Database Services. We have served a few clients yet but has a long way to go. We’re on our way to launch our Cloud services which are expected to be available by the end of 2019.

Nishchay Jain

Demunix, has been the one stop solution for all my need for website and everything that I wanted around my social needs. Not just being reasonable but also listening patiently  to all the needs.

Mrs. Rizvi

Demunix- Highly skilled professionals, they pay attention to every detail and were very patient and accommodating while building my website. I am happy to say that they delivered their best and the final outcome is beyond my expectation! Would surely recommend them if you want a professional website designed at a reasonable price with prompt service. Demunix can and will exceed your expectations.

Safdar Shaikh

Team Demunix have done a great job by translating each of my business needs to a complete technical solution. They're very professional and technically sound. It's been a good experience to working with them.

Oracle Certified Expert & Blogger / Oracle Ride

Team Demunix has developed my blog exactly how I want, Special thanks to Huzaifa and Team. I will recommend Demunix for your Blog & Website.

Naseeruddin Shaikh
YouTuber / TravelTechh

I was searching for such technical solution based in Mumbai, Where I can meet them and discuss my needs. And guess what? I found Demunix a perfect partner to help me out with what I want.

Found Us Worth Working With ?

If you're inspired by our journey and work ethics and if you would like us to bring more value to your business, get us a chance to work with you and we'll make sure that you won't regret your decision.